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***Note - date rescheduled

Invitation of Worldwide Synodality

Join Us on June 13th Meeting at 7:30 pm

One of the great traditions of the Church is the meeting process known as the Synod.  This process has historically been reserved for Bishops and other individuals the Pope might ask to assist him with questions facing the Church.  Now, Pope Francis has directed that the process and experience of Synod should be offered to all the faithful and all ministries in the Church.  This includes all Dioceses worldwide and each parish worldwide.  Holy Spirit is part of that process.  The question Pope Francis is asking us to consider and report on is: “How does the Church move forward in the coming years?”  Please know, this meeting is not meant to rehash past issues in the Church, or to be a gripe session, but rather to look at how we evangelize and move forward beyond past problems…learning from them, rather than dwelling on them.

With this is mind, all parishioners are invited to take part in our Synod discussion on the evening of Monday, June 13th.  The meeting will be held in Msgr. Martin Hall from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm, and will be facilitated by Deacons Doug and John.  There will be some time for prayer/reflection to be followed by our discussion.  We look forward to seeing you there.




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